7 Natural Treatments For Mild Anxieties

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Anxiety is something that a lot of people have to contend with. If you are someone that has to deal with regular feelings of anxiousness, or worse yet panic attacks, than you might benefit from some of the potential solutions that exist to ease up the frequency of these occurrences.

7 Treatments For Anxiety you can do at home

While the most common methods of treatment involve therapy and even medications in more extreme cases, there are natural treatments that might ease up some of the symptoms for common anxiety disorders either alongside these other treatments, or to help you avoid having to employ professional assistance at all.

1. Find Your Anxiety Triggers

You might be among the millions of people that suffer from varying degrees of anxiety disorder symptoms with seemingly no apparent trigger to the condition. If you have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), this is a clear indication that your symptoms experienced are without a specific cause that can be easily determined. The best solution to finding your triggers is to keep a detailed journal of your day to day life, and be very descript when you have panic attacks and similar feelings of nervousness. You might be able to notice a pattern by looking back across a timeline of these events.

2. Remove Your Triggers

If you are able to deduce what your triggers are, or at the very least some of these triggers, you are going to have to start working towards getting them out of your life. There is something to be said about being able to cut these things out of your life entirely, but that isn’t always an easy (or possible) thing to do. If you find yourself unable to just cut the cord and walk away from a trigger you have, you can find a better way to manage these instances where you have to encounter the object, place or experience to let it not affect you as deeply as it might have in the past.

3. Find Engaging Fun Tasks

A good thing that you can do if you are something that has to juggle an enormous amount of stress on a regular basis is to find an engaging task for your brain to keep it occupied. When you consider something that literally pulls your focus away from fretting about some stressful circumstance, or to even worry about the potential of having a panic attack, is nothing but a benefit to you.

Puzzles and complex games add a level of engaged behavior into the distractions for your brain. This exercises your brain and helps it to stay healthy and sharp without having to feel the full weight of the anxiousness and stress that you are typically carrying around with you. You might also consider events that force your mind to focus on several puzzle like tasks, back to back.

A good example of this would be taking an evening and visiting an area escape room to challenge your brain against the clock. Each victory you experience can provide a freeing euphoric feeling to accompany your distraction.

7 Natural Treatments For Mild Anxieties

4. Take Time Each Week To Get Away From It All

Everyone might not have the luxury of devoting time every day to getting away from the stresses that plague you and exasperate the symptoms of the anxiety disorder you suffer from. If you can commit to giving yourself a single day each week where you can set aside a few hours to just decompress from the full weight of your life, than your brain can thank you for treating it right.

This isn’t about an engaging task at all, this is about doing nothing at all and just enjoying the quiet and peacefulness of a free afternoon.

5. Meditation/ Yoga

A lot of people take to doing yoga or meditating to have a better grasp on their stress and anxieties about their life. This is a good way to get refocused on a regular basis, and also to just give your brain a chance to deal less with the stresses that are ever circling around you, and delve inside to reflect on deeper thoughts and feelings. It is through this process that many people are able to literally let go of a lot of the angst, panic and nervousness that the fast pace of a busy life tends to drum up.

6. Talk To Someone You Trust

While you might not be someone that feels comfortable divulging your innermost thoughts and feelings to a complete stranger (let alone one that you have to pay to hear your problems), you will very likely benefit from getting your stresses off your chest from time to time to a set of ears that you know you can trust.

Sometimes this is your best friend, sometimes this is your spouse, but whoever it is just make sure that you make the time to get your problems out and start the process of getting them behind you. At the very least this trusted individual can remind you that you are not alone in your life, and that they can help shoulder some of your troubles. For many, this alone can be a therapeutic treatment for their symptoms.

7. Avoid Drugs/Alcohol

Alcohol and drug use will most likely just agitate your present symptoms for an anxiety disorder. While it can be commonly misconstrued that these vices might keep you on the calmer side, many of these tend to bring forth some of your most buried feelings of insecurity, or the innate paranoia in many of us, which can result in the emergence of critical symptoms like panic attacks or other similar instances.

Bottom line

These are a few tips or natural self-treatment options that exist. These are fairly common approaches to trying to manage your anxiety and stress, from the run of the mill social anxiety conditions to the more complex disorders. No matter what plagues you, try some of these options listed above to help you take a step back away from your stress and anxious feelings and reclaim control in even the most trying of circumstances.

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