hormone melatonin and pigment melanin Nye – how is it?

hormone melatonin and pigment melanin Nye - how is it?

hormone melatonin and pigment melanin Nye – how is it?

Melanin and melatonin – what is it like? Tyahnata stoone for horat. Synthesis to melatonin is dangerous, separated from one another. Method for increasing nivat mu in the body.

Melanin – pigment, dissuaded for pigment on the skin, tsvyat on kosat, ochit. Production in special cells – melanocytes. This is synthesized from enzyme tyrosinase from amino-amino cinate tyrosine, including oxygen, honey and zinc.

Ima 3 pigment melanin, koito ce razlivavat. neuromelanin, pheomelanin, eumelanin. Razlikat between tezi pigment color. Phaeomelanin is cherven, that shows colors to be tired, fair and genital. Nay-tosto baptized eumelanin caffiao or black. Melanin is predated by the skin from prekomernoto vylagan on ultraviolet and barley. That antioxidant is powerful.

Negative impact on the back of a living person, for example, Kato, for example, Lipsat on or unnecessary material. In parvia, the case is in the presence of a violation of pigmentation: vitiligo, alopecia, albinism, early siva spit. Tova povishava probability from the zone to the most of Parkinson and phenylketonuria. Excessive normal niva hormona causing melanosis.

Melatoninut is a hormon, the function of e and se is normal, and the stomach is protected from radiation, and the risk of cancer is spread. Hormont Ima positive effect on the nerve nervous system: in conjunction and in the mood and increase in vitality, oblechavane on efektite from stress and pre-dimensional excitability. And the comrade is not the same as the whole action of the chowshokto tylo. For this and analysis, it is kind of natural at substance, it is necessary and important as education.

melatonin synthesis

Formed on hormon depending on nivat to lighten by the time off. Pre-development there is 70% of the total amount. The process was closed at about 08 o’clock in the evening, its own time at 03 o’clock. Ako turn on clarified, synthesis, cease. The percentage of marriage is in the temple, otkolkoto for one half is strong. Body, the coitho is dissuaded for the indices of the epiphizat of the heel.

Melatonin production is influenced by:


hormonal system imbalance and endocrinny;

prekomerno laid out to svetlina in time for the presentation of presochnost;

Lips on the bed;

night labor;

izvolzvanetto on a vnnuvashchi pred drinks;

undertaking to determine the type of medicine.

hormone melatonin and pigment melanin Nye - how is it?

Deviations from the normal INDEX

To the suspects, what is the lack of a field on melatonin, maybe on a small base:

early menopause;

bazo povishavane on tegloto;

prematurely aged;

problem with the zas zivivaneto;

trample colors on a kosat, eye, skin;

constantly feeling depressed;

appear on cancer pathology.

Kraynata point on the diagnosis of a tryabva and cross with a medicine, the trail of kato get a result from the test.


In the course of the goals, it is necessary to identify the function of the function, which is quite obvious for the hormon:

udzhlazhane on youth, through fun, process in the aged in the body;

increasing the capacity of the imunnata system;

soothing the effect on the nervous system;

regulation on thyroid gland and pancreas;

hormone melatonin and pigment melanin Nye - how is it?

namaljavane on visoko nlyagan, cholesterol and khvnata male;

positive effect on the reproductive system;

salting on the probability of forming a thrombie;

increases in potassium concentrations;

Good ability and adaptability of brazzo at smiana on the clock zone and climate;

That image has a positive effect on motive action.

Nachin and Behold Nivoto on Melatonin

With the purpose of the consensus on the statist on the hormone of kym normalnoto, this is a great deal of complicated operation. For this and that, get the desires for the results of a shabby attempt, and try and have a lot on your drug. Depending on the indicator on melatonin, creeping two approaches. Parviyat se reckon for Leko. These include switching on the abdomen and consumraneto on the chest, which can affect the production of melatonin. In addition, there are cases of shaking and severity and medication.

A lot of choir feed: “Kakvi save melatonin?”. It is necessary to clarify the situation. Tazi vzzka not e supplied from the store, as before and to the radius of the component in chovesto tlolo. Is this a necessity and a whole reformulation of the problem – tov of the synthesis stimulus on the substance? For the basin, vitamins, minerals, aminokiselini are safe.

For melatonin iziskva tyrosine and tryptophan. Those sa rich products from the animal and herbal origin are:

In the synthesis of the participation of vitamin A, C, E and carotene. yes gi betrayal on tayloto, for yes:

For yes help on the well-assimilated to vitamins, this is the reason why it is crawling and growing oil. In the Goals, the effect is nowhere in the hands of the option, which is rich in the storage of substances, which are destroyed in the process of the Holy Land.

At the time of trying and joining the menu for products from cocoa seeds, leshnits, tikveni seeds, susam, cedar yadki. Bread is preferred from wheat wheat with tricy. You can also apply a diet for different types of cultured culture. Tovae Nai-Lesniyat and Nai-pleasant start and cross the pigment nivoto. The trail of the pita in which they store melanin, or soon, tova, koeto and her, crawled out for a sufficient amount of substance to synthesize, and it was necessary and thought for others to start for solving problems.

hello on belly

Do not hesitantly cure one’s food, but let us take away from every day the Naviks lead to a healthy support, extended to the youth and beauty. The development of a new principle can be known for a while, but this is quite consistent, for the company continues, the result will be pleasantly iznanadan. When you eat a diet, you need to eat a diet and eat it back to normal on consumi- nate calories. There is a considerable period from time to open. It is important to avoid any precarious effect on the mainstream of the present season. Good physical activity has come. Vinagi can yes choose a class on the force, and for the dushat. The complex of action is carried out to normal, all processes in the body, conformed to obmanyat on the substance, koito imat positive effect on the development of hormones.


Ako horn, they could not cope with the problem, it was necessary and that special preparations would creep. Those extract melatonin from epiphizat zhleza on animals or a synthetic analogue. The Scribe’s task is that the kojato poluvavat is capable of a drug With medication, from the shelf storage supplements (storage supplements). In tehniya, the conventor will need minerals and vitamins to participate in the production of hormones. Prevent the time of labor and semesh under the attention of contraindications. This is necessary, in a case, than the circumstances of the case can not be, and here you can get all the contests for the production of melatonin from the stored.

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