Power Posing to Beat Social Anxiety

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In social situations where anxiety takes a hold your body closes up, tenses, your arms become crossed, toes curled up, you lean forward closing your body up into a small ball, these are all signs of low confidence and a fearful position.

This popular TED talk and video on power posing shows how to look and feel confident in interview processes, however this is also ideal for everyday use, a way to change the way you feel by using your body in a different way.

Power Posing & Anxiety

Watch this video and talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy.

How to beat Anxiety with power Posing

Next time you feel tense or notice your self curling up into a ball, make a conscious choice to take a power pose stance, this could be uncrossing your arms are holding them out, sitting up straight with a strong back position, or stretch out your legs letting go of any tension.

If you are at home go and stand in front of the mirror, stand in a confident position, try a power pose, stand tall, legs apart, arms held out, feel like you are the boss, feel like you can do anything that is thrown at you.

The key is to change your body position, the way you use your body will change the way you feel, stand strong and powerful and you will feel that, when you curl up and close up, you feel insecure and fearful, try changing he way you stand, sit and walk and feel the way you feel in those stances.

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